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Encore! School of the Arts at the JCC



clientuploads/Enroll-20Button.gif  Encore! has a convenient schedule; offering students a wide range of classes for all ages!


Give Encore School of the Arts at the JCC a try!  We offer dance & tumbling classes for students
2.5 years old to 6th grade.  We also have private music lessons available in voice, piano, guitar, harp, & steel drum.  


~ work with a professional staff
~ keep kids active and healthy
~ enjoy the community of the JCC! 


Contact Maggie at 913-327-4612 or for more information. 
Call 913-327-8000 or click on the class to enroll!
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 Summer 2014 Schedule

please register for the grade entering in Fall 2014

Classes run June 2nd-August 1st

(no classes June 4th)



Studio One

Studio Two

Group X
















4:30-6 pm 3rd-4th Grade T/B/J Combo







4:15-5 pm Kinder Tumble


2:30-3:15 Creative Movement

3:30-4:15 Kinder Combo







3:30-4:15 Creative Movement


4:30-6 pm 1st-2nd Grade T/B/J Combo





 3:30-4:15 PreK Combo

4:30-6 pm 5th-6th Grade T/B/J Combo







2:30-3:15 Creative Tumble

3:30-4:15 PreK Tumble

4:30-5:30 1st-4th Grade Tumble



Fall 2014/2015 Schedule

call 913-327-8000 or email to register!

Classes begin September 2nd.

(please note, many classes after 5 pm on Wednesdays and on Thursdays have been canceled due to Jewish Holidays.  These classes will be made up during the week, during the other session of the same class) 


Studio One

Studio Two

Studio Three










2:15-3 pm Kinder Combo

3:15-4 pm Creative Movement

4:15-5:15 pm K-2nd Boys T/HH


6-6:45 pm Adult Tap?






1:15-2 pm PreK Combo


3:25-4 pm Tiny Tots (1/5)

4:15-5:15 pm 3rd- 4th Jazz

5:15 – 6:30 pm 3rd-4th T/B Combo








2:15-3 pm PreK/Kinder Tumble

3:15-4 pm Creative Tumble

4:15-5:15 pm Junior Tumbling


7-9 pm Tikvah Dance






4:30-5:15 pm 1st-6th Performance Team

5:15-6 3rd- 4th grade Lyrical









4:15-5 pm Kinder Combo

5-5:45 pm Kinder Tumble

6-6:45 pm Adult Tap?



1:15-2 Creative Movement

2:15-3 pm PreK T/B Combo

3:25-4 pm Tiny Tots (11/5)










4:15-5:15 pm 1st & 2ndJ/HH

5:15-6:30 pm 1st & 2nd T/B












1:15-2 pm PreK Tumble

2:15-3 pm Kinder Tumble

3:15-4 pm Creative Tumble

4:05-5:05 pm Junior Tumbling










4:15-5:15 pm 5th-6th J/HH

5:15-6:30 pm 5th-6th Grade Lyrical OR 5:15-6:30 T/B Combo










Encore! School of the Arts: "Dance, Sing, Enjoy." Classes are available for preschool, beginners, intermediate, and advanced students in a wide range of performing arts skills;  Tiny Tots, Boys Only!, Creative Movement, Ballet/Tap Combo, Tumbling, Lyrical

and Jazz / Hip Hop, plus Performance Team.

Encore! offers something for everyone!       

 *Encore follows and will be closed for Jewish Holidays.

Music Lessons

Now available for adults, too!
Voice, piano, guitar, harp, or steel drum
$230 for 10 lessons
Contact Maggie to schedule your weekly time.  

Encore! Birthday Parties

Let Encore! help your child celebrate their big day! Tumbling and dance parties available, with a variety of themes to choose from-- or pick your own theme! Parties are 2 hours long, and the $230 fee includes class, activities, props, a kosher cake, set up, clean up, table wear, and a wand party favor for all students! Fee covers 12 party-goers, additional guests extra.

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What parents have to say about Encore!

My daughter is a big "Ms.Maggie fan" and so is the whole family. The dance programs have been fun and enjoyable as well as a great learning experience. The recitals have really helped my daughter gain confidence without fear. This is our 3rd wonderful year! Thanks Encore!
- Bethany
Emme loved dance this past year and I hope she will be able to continue in the fall. You do a great job w/ all the kids and the recital was fabulous! Libby can't wait to get started too.  She watched the recital w/ rapt attention :-)
I asked Sydney last night what her favorite thing was yesterday. Her answer: Passe!
Just wanted to tell you-THE RECITAL WAS AWESOME!!  Super cute and our family and friends loved it!  We really appreciate all the hard work it took to put on such a successful show. Hope you get some rest, and we'll see you in the fall!
On the note about music classes, I have to tell you how absolutely thrilled we are with Cathy!  As you know, she is a phenomenal teacher. More than the technical aspect of music instruction, she is helping my daughters learn to love making music.  Which, I believe, is such an amazing talent for a teacher to have.  Cathy continues to be very patient with Marin as she is progressing through some attention struggles.  With Claire, Cathy has really honed into Claire's creative, not-so-patient, learning style!  We are so happy with the lessons.
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