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Encore! School of the Arts at the JCC



clientuploads/Enroll-20Button.gif  Encore! has a convenient schedule; offering students a wide range of classes for all ages!


Give Encore School of the Arts at the JCC a try!  We offer dance & tumbling classes for students
2.5 years old to 6th grade.  We also have private music lessons available in voice, piano, guitar, harp, & steel drum.  


~ work with a professional staff
~ keep kids active and healthy
~ enjoy the community of the JCC! 


Contact Maggie at 913-327-4612 or for more information. 
Call 913-327-8000 or click on the class to enroll!
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 Summer 2014 Schedule

please register for the grade entering in Fall 2014

Classes run June 2nd-August 1st

(no classes June 4th)

click on the class to register!



Studio One

Studio Two

Group X








3:30-4:15 Creative Tumbling





2:30-3:15 PreK Combo





4:30-6 pm 3rd-4th Grade T/B/J Combo








4:15-5 pm Kinder Tumble


2:30-3:15 Creative Movement

3:30-4:15 Kinder Combo







2:30-3:15 Creative Movement

3:30-4:15 PreK Combo

4:30-6 pm 1st-2nd Grade T/B/J Combo






4:30-6 pm 5th-6th Grade T/B/J Combo







2:30-3:15 Creative Tumble

3:30-4:15 PreK Tumble

4:30-5:30 1st-4th Grade Tumble




Encore! School of the Arts: "Dance, Sing, Enjoy." Classes are available for preschool, beginners, intermediate, and advanced students in a wide range of performing arts skills;  Tiny Tots, Boys Only!, Creative Movement, Ballet/Tap Combo, Tumbling, Lyrical

and Jazz / Hip Hop, plus Performance Team.

Encore! offers something for everyone!       

 *Encore follows and will be closed for Jewish Holidays.

Music Lessons

Now available for adults, too!
Voice, piano, guitar, harp, or steel drum
$230 for 10 lessons
Contact Maggie to schedule your weekly time.  

Encore! Birthday Parties

Let Encore! help your child celebrate their big day! Tumbling and dance parties available, with a variety of themes to choose from-- or pick your own theme! Parties are 2 hours long, and the $230 fee includes class, activities, props, a kosher cake, set up, clean up, table wear, and a wand party favor for all students! Fee covers 12 party-goers, additional guests extra.

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What parents have to say about Encore!

My daughter is a big "Ms.Maggie fan" and so is the whole family. The dance programs have been fun and enjoyable as well as a great learning experience. The recitals have really helped my daughter gain confidence without fear. This is our 3rd wonderful year! Thanks Encore!
- Bethany
Emme loved dance this past year and I hope she will be able to continue in the fall. You do a great job w/ all the kids and the recital was fabulous! Libby can't wait to get started too.  She watched the recital w/ rapt attention :-)
I asked Sydney last night what her favorite thing was yesterday. Her answer: Passe!
Just wanted to tell you-THE RECITAL WAS AWESOME!!  Super cute and our family and friends loved it!  We really appreciate all the hard work it took to put on such a successful show. Hope you get some rest, and we'll see you in the fall!
On the note about music classes, I have to tell you how absolutely thrilled we are with Cathy!  As you know, she is a phenomenal teacher. More than the technical aspect of music instruction, she is helping my daughters learn to love making music.  Which, I believe, is such an amazing talent for a teacher to have.  Cathy continues to be very patient with Marin as she is progressing through some attention struggles.  With Claire, Cathy has really honed into Claire's creative, not-so-patient, learning style!  We are so happy with the lessons.
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