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Heritage Center 65+ Programs: Health & Fitness

With something for nearly everyone, the Heritage Center offers fitness classes to meet a variety of schedules and capabilities. Contact Jeff Spradlin at 913-327-8046 for information or to enroll.

Exercise Punch Card

Purchase a 5, 10 or 20 punch card and utilize it for the Heritage Center exercise classes listed below.  Participants no longer need to "register “ for each class session. Just bring your punch card to class and the instructor will take care of the rest. Cards may be purchased at the JCC main reception desk.
5-Punch $18
10-Punch $30
20-Punch $60

Pilates (Tuesday & Thursday at 11:00AM)

Pilates - a balanced way of strengthening and lengthening muscles – will benefit your flexibility, strength and body firmness.  Current student Debbie Abel feels more balanced stating, “Susan Kivett is a wonderful instructor who is always helpful.  I feel much better after every Pilates class.” The class meets in Dance Studio Two.

One Hour Total Fitness (Monday & Wednesday at 11:00AM)

This conditioning class in Dance Studio 2 improves strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.  A bottle of water and comfortable clothes and shoes are all you’ll need.

(Friday at 11:00 or 11:30AM)

Kinesis utilizes controlled movements to develop strength, balance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.  Core muscles work as an integrated unit to balance gains in strength across all of the involved muscles.  Class is held in the Kinesis Suite and one free trial class is available.

Tai Chi
(Mondays & Wednesdays at 9:00AM)

Tai Chi is an Asian technique using controlled body movements to improve: Balance, Cardiovascular health, Immune systems, Sleep, Anxiety, and Depression. Participants should wear comfortable clothing to the Multi-Activity Center and come ready to loosen up, breathe, relax and play. Currently on winter break, classes resume in the spring.

Ongoing FREE Classes:

Yoga in Chairs (Tuesday & Thursday at 9:30AM)

Yoga will benefit your strength, flexibility, posture, concentration and breathing.  Best yet, you don’t have to leave your chair to enjoy this class, taught by instructor Robin Jaffe in Dance Studio One.

Water Exercise (Tuesday & Thursday at 1:00PM)

Get twice the benefits with water exercise: you’ll enjoy more cardiovascular fitness, endurance and strength while avoiding wear and tear on bones and joints.   The buoyancy of the water supports your body and the likelihood of injury is reduced.  This class, taught by Bonnie Pennington, is FREE.

Cardio Fitness (Monday through Friday from 10 - 10:45 a.m.)
Cardio Fitness is a low impact class that utilizes weights, rubber bands, and more. Go at your own pace!

Fitness Walk (Tuesday & Thursday at 1:00PM)

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